Goals & Strategies

BECC is currently undergoing a new goals and strategies process.

After conducting a Needs Assessment, our community will have conversations on the best activities to accomplish goals for 2020-2021.

At present, we are following our strategic plan from 2017-2020 (below) to continue with activities until our new plan is created.

The Annual Report for 2017-2018 describes the work and financial health of the BECC. This report covers the fiscal year July 2017 to June 2018.


  • Increase Colorado Shines engagement to 81% (Level 2 or higher)

  • Increase academic and environmental alignment between preschool teachers and School District on academic skills needed to ease academic transitions for children and their parents entering Kindergarten.

  • Increase number of professionals, friends, family, and neighbor who are trained in model of Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler care.



  • Increase community agencies and organizations engaged to advocate for unmet needs in the community to support families and children 

  • Promote the Colorado Shines Quality Rating and Improvement System and Early Learning Development Guidelines at least once per month​​

  • Recruitment and retention of high quality child care providers working in Broomfield County​​

  • Maintain business and fiscal accountability to stakeholders, community, and funders as BECC continues crucial operation in early childhood



  • Increase the percentage of Colorado communities with access to slots for Colorado Child Care Assistance Program subsidies in high-quality programs (Level 3-5)

  • Increase the number and percentage of children receiving child care subsidy being served in a high-quality program.



  • Increase number of Broomfield families and providers who have knowledge of resources and supports to successfully navigate the system of early childhood health and education

  • Increase Broomfield families and providers educated in mental health resources and are able to access mental health trainings and supports for children, families, and providers

  • Increase families who are knowledgeable about early childhood growth, development, and develop strong parenting skills.

  • Increase collaboration with low income supports and services for Broomfield residents to access comprehensive family resource services and supports

Activities are created that will help meet the goals listed


Access the entire Strategic Plan by clicking here

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