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Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care (EQIT)



Spring Semester is full!
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Registration Process:

1. Download and complete application. If a part of a Center, must have the Director signature to complete. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE.

2. Make payment via debit or PayPal. Must submit receipt with application. 

3. Email completed application to OR mail completed application to PO BOX 573, Broomfield, CO 80038

4. Dates for the course selected. Click here for the spring schedule.  All classes held at 6 Garden Center, 2nd floor, Broomfield. This building is north of the Wells Fargo building, main entrance faces west. 

5. You will be emailed a confirmation. If you are on a waitlist and not able to enroll, a refund will be issued to you.

6. All classes are held at 6 Garden Center, 2nd floor, Broomfield. This building is north of the Wells Fargo building

The EQIT program at BECC provides instruction and coaching to improve the quality of care for children from birth to three.


Open to ANYONE who cares for an infant or toddler




Contact us at:

303-460-6810  or


Questions about EQIT:


What is EQIT?

What is Coaching?

What kind of credit can I get for this?

How much does it cost?

How do I enroll?

Can I read more about EQIT?

Who can I contact to learn more information?



What is EQIT?


The Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care (EQIT) 48-hour low cost course of training is designed for any individual who works with infants and toddlers and is interested in improving his/her knowledge and skills in an in-depth, hands on course.


Participants in the EQIT Course learn about the importance of brain development in the first 3 years of life, social/emotional, cognitive, and physical development, and working with families as well as effective strategies for curriculum and discipline through 16 3-hour modules. 



In addition to the 48 hours of direct class time, each participant is also provided one on one coaching. Following similar relationship based principles covered in the EQIT Course; EQ Coaching supports providers in reflecting on and applying new understandings to their own practice.


Early Childhood Teacher Certification-

In order to be Early Childhood Teacher Certified, teachers are required to complete:

  • EITHER  ECE 101 OR 103


  • One other ECE class OR EQIT

Completing EQIT will get you half way to your Early Childhood Teacher Qualifications at a fraction of the cost of a college course.




The cost of this class is just $50.  Payment can be made by cash or check


More info!

For more information, contact Kathy Apjoke at 303-460-6810 OR by email at