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Happy Family
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Happy Family
6 week course designed to provide tools and support for parents of preschoolers. Child Care and dinner provided. New class starts April 8th. Location TBD.
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Child abuse awareness prevention helps communities as a whole to recognize the importance of family support and where to turn in times of need. Support our work in Child Abuse Awareness Prevention in April 2021.
Public Planting on April 6th, 10am at the Broomfield Library, just after story time!
Research studies support the common-sense notion that when the Protective Factors are well established in a family, the likelihood of child abuse and neglect diminishes. These protective factors are also “promotive” factors that build family strengths and a family environment that promotes optimal child and youth development. 
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This program is a 14 week, in depth program to build your parenting skills and increase the success of your family. We focus on children 3 to 6 years old. 

There are opportunities to practice your skills with other parents and the instructors, discuss the challenges and successes, problem solve when stuck, and have a greater sense of peace and calm with your preschooler.

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Positive Parenting Strategies for Toddlers & Preschoolers 

Mini Series 


Activity Cards

Interested in helping your children (or the children in your care) get the best start?

These guidelines have been developed to:

  • Improve families’ and professionals’ knowledge of child development;

  • Guide families and professionals working with children in planning and implementing developmental and learning activities;

  • Inform or guide developmental support, instruction, assessment, and intervention; and

  • Provide unifying guidelines that are embraced by and embedded in programs and services across the comprehensive early childhood service delivery system


  For the full guidelines visit: Colorado Early Learning & Developmental Guidelines  

  Ask us about receiving a more information and handouts on the ELDGs as well by emailing


The Broomfield Early Childhood Council has created three sets of activities aligned with the guidelines and designed to promote early learning.

Infant Activity Cards


Toddler Activity Cards


Preschool Activity Cards


Confident Parenting

This class helps to provide social/emotional understanding for parents of children, develop stronger relationships between parents and children, and make connection to other parents in the community.

Join us for our spring parenting course starting April 8th


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Support our parenting program and donate to provide more classes to parents at a lower cost!

Due to funding, the course has priority for Broomfield County residents and businesses. If you live outside Broomfield County, you will be added to our wait list and a spot in the class will be provided if possible.

See what our past parents say!

"My husband and I are now on the same page with parenting our children!"

“My relationship with my child has improved. We have more fun and have such great conversations now!”

“So many of the behavior issues we were having are gone!”

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