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Happy Family
6 week course designed to provide tools and support for parents of preschoolers. Gain important information that will support positive parenting and strengthen the bond between you and your child!

Fall classes will begin late September. Child care and dinner are provided. No charge, donation based only.

Please email Mercy Manresa at at
for more information and exact dates.

Este curso de 14 semanas está diseñado para ayudar a los padres con niños de 3 a 6 años. ¡Aprenda más sobre su desarrollo social / emocional y cómo fortalecer su relación! Descripción de la clase

Las clases son del 7 de septiembre al 14 de deciembre

¡Gratis! Se incluye cuidado de niños y cena.

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Finding child care can be a difficult process. Trying to even start finding a place that loves your children as much as you do in this great County is daunting. 

Not anymore!

See our new website, Broomfield Child Care Connect. Filter the options to see where there are sites, how many openings they have, if they access child care subsidies and learn a bit more about the site!

Please visit

To supplement this website, please see information on how to find quality child care

A 14-week online course to support parents with children 3-6 years in social/emotional development and to reduce stress in the family while building greater bonds. Description of class.

Classes September 7 - December 14, no class on November 23 


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Positive Parenting Strategies for Toddlers & Preschoolers 

Mini Series 


Activity Cards

Interested in helping your children (or the children in your care) get the best start?

These guidelines have been developed to:

  • Improve families’ and professionals’ knowledge of child development;

  • Guide families and professionals working with children in planning and implementing developmental and learning activities;

  • Inform or guide developmental support, instruction, assessment, and intervention; and

  • Provide unifying guidelines that are embraced by and embedded in programs and services across the comprehensive early childhood service delivery system


  For the full guidelines visit: Colorado Early Learning & Developmental Guidelines  

  Ask us about receiving a more information and handouts on the ELDGs as well by emailing


The Broomfield Early Childhood Council has created three sets of activities aligned with the guidelines and designed to promote early learning.

Infant Activity Cards


Toddler Activity Cards


Preschool Activity Cards

Mother and Child

Supporting parents to feel secure about their child's well-being during the day

Finding child care can be stressful. You want to find someone who can take care of you child as well as you can!

This guide will give you concrete questions to give you clarity on what a provider offers and what you can listen to and look for to make a decision on the best place your child.