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Community Plan, Strategies, Measurements & Annual Reports

BECC has created a new Strategic Community Plan for our 2021-2022 work year. This Strategic Community Plan incorporates our partners' work and enhances collaboration for all the services available in Broomfield. Programs, projects and ongoing communication will be implemented to achieve the goals we have to support children and families in Broomfield.
The Strategic Community Plan is based on work from the community needs assessment. It was created with the support of Heather Jane Matthews, LLC, our Data and Evaluation Consultant and an Advisory Committee.  (*Report on Community Engagement with Needs Assessment).

Throughout the year, we will continue to monitor our progress on our work and outcomes with the Measurement Tracker. Quarterly, we will update this so you can follow along and see the progress we're making!

We know how to move forward into the future by memorializing our past. Please see what we've done through our Annual Reports, click here.

Strategic Community Plan 2021 - 2022

Strategic Community Plan
Strategic Community Plan image.PNG

Measurement Tracker / Progress
Throughout the year, we are checking in on how we're meeting our goals in the Strategic Plan through our Measurement Tracker. This Measurement Tracker was created with our BECC staff and Board, to help give general understanding of how close we're coming to meeting our goals! Click here to see our progress!

Measurement tracker

Annual Reports

Annual Reports
Annual Report capture_PNG.webp
Needs Assessment themes graphic.png
Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment, 2020

Needs Assessment Engagement, 2020

Needs Assessement Engagement
Needs Assessment Engagement summary.png
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