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The Big Broomfield



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Saturday, July 13th
10am - 1pm

Depot Museum
2201 W 10th Ave

Bring your young children to laugh, play, learn and connect!


  • Entertainment all day

  • Activities (pump rocket, cornhole, parachute)

  • Resources for mom, dad and all caregivers

Jeff & Paige Concert

​Jeff and Paige use songs, storytelling, and interactive play to engage kids with nature, music, and movement. They use costumes and props to create characters and set the scene for audiences ages 3-8 and their grown-ups. Their concerts are participatory, educational and focused on Colorado wildlife, sustainability and getting outdoors. They also incorporate some Spanish vocabulary and dialogue into both skits and songs. Expect quick costume changes, educational skits, original/live music and loads of audience participation!

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Dynamo Performers -Bubbles

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Engaging and captivating large bubbles in the middle of the yard! See how big these bubbles can get, chase them as they sail through the sky

Big Wheel Beverage

Kids can make their own snow cone by crunching the ice in a giant hamster wheel! No charge to mom and dad!

Thank you to our sponsors

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Who else will be here?

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